The Association Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture (Association) is announcing a public call for applications for the sellection of International Artistic Consultant to work with the Association, which is responssible to implement the winning Bid Book of the European Capital of Culture title in 2021 (briefly ECoC 2021). The Bid Book can be read here:

In Romanian:

Timișoara 2021 - Bidbook RO

In English:

Timișoara 2021 - Bidbook EN


Following the recommendation of the sellection panel formed by independent experts, responsible for evaluating the application files for the European Capital of Culture title in 2021 (ECoC 2021 hereinafter), within the competition organized in Romania, the Ministry of Culture and National Identity (MCNI) nominated the city of Timişoara to become European Capital of Culture in 2021 (Order of the Ministry no.3867 on 25 October 2016).

The application file submitted in the final selection stage became the de facto contract between the designated city and its citizens, the monitoring committee, the Ministry of Culture and National Identity and the European Commission.

The organization recognized and empowered to coordinate the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the “Unique Cultural-Artistic Programme Timisoara 2021”, called the Programme hereinafter, as well as management of its cultural legacy is the Timişoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture Association.

According to the ECoC Regulation, the implementation period of the project is 2016 (post-selection) - 2022 and later, and will include the whole preparation process of the ECoC 2021 year, its actual development and further assessment of the impact and the generated legacy.

Following the recommendations stated in the First Monitoring Meeting Reports by the panel of independent experts from October 2017, July 2019 and the Recommendations letter of July 2018, the Programme needs to address the European dimenssion and enrich its artistic content;

The Strategic approach of the Timişoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture Association for the period involves, first of all, creating the premises and vital foundations for the project as defined in the Bid Book which, afterwards, will support its sustainable and successful development, guaranteeing a medium term and long-term impact and legacy to the project Timisoara 2021.

In order to ensure the above, the Timisoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture Association has launched in December 2016 the implementation strategy phases, which consist in:

  • Phase I. for the period 2017-2018/The StartUp phase of the General Programme, called Programme I hereinafter. The purpose of the StartUp phase was to build solid foundation needed to successfully implement the objectives of the General Programme and its legacy and starting generating the projects defined in the bid book as Stations and Trails.
  • Phase II. for the period 2019-2021 /The Production phase and effective course, in 2021, of the General Programme, called Programme II hereinafter. The Production phase effective ongoing course, in 2021, of the General Programme aims the realization and deployment on the regional level of the multi-annual cultural programs related to the General Programme, which will position the city at higher European and international level.
  • Phase III. for the period 2022-2024 /The Consolidation phase of the General Programme, called Programme III hereinafter. The management stage of the project legacy is aimed at maintaining the Timişoara-European Capital of Culture Association's support for capacity-building actions, experience exchanges and representation at international level, as well as for organization 1-2 yearly cultural reference events at European level.

Starting the second half of 2019, the implementation has entered in Phase II., of Action/ Production, and the implementation team is growing. The Artistic Director position outlined in the Bid Book has been split into 2 positions, due to the increased workload and based on needs resulting from the previous year experiences, namely into:

  1. Programme Director (referring to the Cultural Programme for 2021), with programming tasks and daily overall management of the Cultural Programme,and
  2. International Artistic Consultant with the requirements described below:
Description of Tasks

The International Artistic Consultant will:

  • Provide consultancy in enriching the artistic and creative international/ European dimension of the Cultural Programme for 2020 and 2021 by building a strong legacy after the ECoC 2021 year.
  • Follow the artistic vision outlined in the Bid Book and build on the existing projects developed in Phase 1: Start-Up.
  • Deliver by September 2020, together with the Programme Director, the Cultural Programme of the year 2021 within the Timisoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture
  • Provide consultancy in re-organising and composing the “Engagement” part of the Engagement, Volunteering and Power Station Unit (formerly “Engagement Unit”), including contribution to the recruitment and mentoring of and leading Engagement collaborators/officers, within the proposed budget of the respective project within the Cultural Programme 2019.
  • Provide concultancy for the development of the “Power Station” part within the Engagement, Volunteering and Power Station Unit, developing capacity in the cultural sector and the Timisoara 2021 team (mentoring), mediation and reception.
  • Curate specific international projects and the Opening event of the ECoC2021 year.
  • Advise colleagues in the Artistic Unit for other Trails and Stations.
  • Contribute in realizing a concrete plan of action for 2021 considering also the Cultural Programme as a whole together with local, regional, national and international/ European partners.

In performing these tasks the International Artistic Consultant will:

  • collaborate with the programme Director, the Artistic Unit, Communication and Marketing Unit, The Engagement, Volunteering and Power Station Unit and other relavant units of the Association.
  • engages with the local and national cultural institutions, cultural personalities, the independent cultural scene, cultural minorities (Hungarian, German, Serbian, Italian, Roma etc), universities and various professional or thematic clusters, connecting local initiatives to European and international peers, platforms, and professional networks and including them in the Cultural Programme.
  • provides the Association with contacts (including international), from his own network;
  • any other relevant artistic consultancy tasks.

The activities performed by the Consultant will take place in Timisoara and at distance upon a schedule agreed with the Timisoara 2021 Association.

Experience and qualification required

The applicant has the following competences:

  • proven experience of at least 6 years in organizing big scale artistic events and has been responssible for large scale preferrably international projects
  • a strong European and international artistic and cultural network
  • international competencies (intercultural experience, language competencies and very good English language command)
  • artistic background
  • experience in working in a cultural institution or organization
  • ability to think through processes and programme content
  • strategyc overview and flair for strategyc thinking
  • is a creative, dynamic and adaptable person
  • very good communication and presentation skills
  • resilient under pressure

The candidates will send a CV and a motivation letter in English to the following email address

[email protected], indicating in the email Subject: „International Artistic Consultant”

The deadline for receiving the applications has been extended until 27.10.2019, at 18.00 hrs. (Romanian time).